Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lucy is babbling a lot lately - and continues to teethe the same stupid tooth that's been working it's way through for a few months now. We think Lucy has four words - "mum-mum" for Baby Mum-mums, "Dada" for Daddy (Greg), "mommom" for me, and "beh" for Becca. I am much better at spotting these things this time. With Rebecca, I didn't want to leap to any conclusions about first words, so I waited for ample evidence before declaring that she had a word. With Lucy, I'm a little more perceptive, and a little more confident.
Lucy also has some distinct cries or calls that she makes under specific situations. The best example is her "recognition" call. It's a sound she makes when someone she recognizes and likes suddenly appears in her field of vision (usually at a bit of a distance). For example, if we are in a museum, and Rebecca wanders off, then appears suddenly in a doorway - Lucy will make the sound. It always sounds the same and can be accompanied by kicking or bouncing of excitement.
Lucy recently entered what I like to refer to as the "emptying" stage. I regonized it immediately from experiences with Rebecca at a similar age. Basically, Lucy now takes great pleasure in removing objects from their rightful places - especially (but not exclusively) if they are in a container of some sort. Combined with her cruising locomotion (cruising = walking around a room using furniture and objects as a support system), this creates havoc in her room. Lucy will move from the armchair to the toy box. She removes all the toys from the toybox, then cries when she can't reach the ones at the bottom. Next, she reaches the crib, and moves along the bars until she reaches the change table. Once at that location, Lucy removes all the blankets, sheets, and towels from the shelves of the change table. From the change table, she grasps her laundry hamper, which she proceeds to empty. Finally, from the hamper, she holds on to the top of her chest of drawers and moves along it - chucking books and shoes on the floor. She will even go up on her tip-toes to reach an item that is somewhat removed from the edge. I watch this baby - who can't walk independently yet - stand on her tip toes, gripping the edge of the furniture with the fingertips of one hand while she lunges for a shoe, and it's very hard not to immediately intervene. I wait for the face plant, which most times - doesn't occur.
As for Rebecca, I registered her for junior kindergarten this week. It's kind of surreal - entering an elementary/primary school as an adult is odd, and entering the principal's office seems strange as well. Signing my baby over to the care of complete strangers, so that they can influence her mind and opinion - yikes. (I'm fine with it, but it did give me a moment's pause). But mostly, I reflected on how childhood is fleeting. I'm very excited for Rebecca to go to school in the fall, and I think she will love it. But it's also a melancholy moment for me.

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Annie said...

Hi! Hi! Moi, LP a découvert hier qu'il pouvait vider une boîte de kleenex (pleine) pour ensuite en faire des flocons. Il commençait à les manger quand je l'ai arrêté!

Et pour Rebecca, c'est vrai que le temps passe vite. Elle va adorer l'école! Tout pleins d'amis et d'activités à longueur de journée.