Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We have started assigning Rebecca some minor responsibilities around the house (i.e. chores). She loves it! Given her strong independent streak, this makes sense to me. It also means that instead of leaving her to her own devices (o.k., being kicked out of her room when she wants to engage in imaginative play with her toys), I can spend time with her, maybe teach her something, and certainly boost her confidence. She is so proud of herself when she completes an important job!
One of her favourite tasks is to help clear the table after a meal, and help load the dishwasher. We also try to give her opportunities to help with dishwashing and preparing meals. Becca is especially fond of mixing ingredients in a bowl.
Because Rebecca is strong-willed, having some control over her own life is incredibly important to her. I try to give her as many chances to make decisions and choices as I can (without making her feel overwhelmed). For example, I let her select her outfit for the day. Sometimes I let her pick from a subset of options (especially if I feel she is going to go for weather-inappropriate things - or, more often, try to wear just a skirt and nothing else). It may not always result in the most exquisite fashion pairings, but it makes her very happy.

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