Friday, February 6, 2009

Lucy's new kitty cat hat and grumpy complaints

It was a long day - Lucy and Becca fell asleep in the car, snoring.
We're all on our third bout of illness this winter, and our collective energy level is pretty low (to say nothing of parental morale - Rebecca and Lucy are generally cheerful under any circumstances).
We caught the first cold at the beginning of December - I think it was three weeks before we were all better. I was on penicillin over the Christmas holidays.
We were better for one week.
Then, we all got violent and wretched stomach flu. After a week, we were all recovered.
We were better for one week.
Then, we caught another cold. It's been a week, and we're still sick.
It's very frustrating because with small children, it is almost guaranteed that everyone come down with whatever virus one family member is hosting - no matter how good we are with hand washing etc. Lucy never shields us from her coughs and sneezes - and she touches everything! At any rate, I find it particularly upsetting because I seem to have consistently gotten stuck with the worst variants of whatever we catch. This is my last winter on maternity leave - and I'm going back to work after Easter. I had envisioned lots of fun times outdoors - skiing, snowshoeing, skating. Instead, I am stuck indoors most of the time, feeling nasty, and doing my best to not act nasty.

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