Monday, December 22, 2008

We're all sick

I've been sick for a while, off and on.  An annoying recurring head cold which finally moved down to my throat last week.

At the same time, both girls and mom got sick at the same time, with the same cold.  Madeleine had it the worst, losing her voice and being knocked on her butt for a couple days.  Lucy was next, with runny nose, coughing and a bit of a fever for a couple days.  Rebecca's been coughing, and napping, but otherwise seems ok.

While the adults in the household have really been beaten up by the cold, the kids have maintained their chipper dispositions for the most part.  Lucy requires many more cuddles, especially around bed time, but still beams her lovely smile when mom comes into the room.  Rebecca has been a total nut, as usual, but wakes up a couple times each night needing sympathy and often ends up sneaking into our bed around 6am or so.

So while it could be worse, it's really put a damper on enjoying the holiday season as far as getting out of the house is concerned.  Rebecca and mom are still very excited about Christmas, hopefully we're all feeling at least somewhat better in a couple more days.

Oh, and Maddy came down with an ear infection yesterday and is now on penicillin.  That was fun.

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Annie said...

I hope you all get better soon to enjoy the holidays.