Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dare to compare - 7 month edition

Here is Lucy at 7 months of age. She is bigger than Rebecca was at the same age.

Here is Lucy - she likes to attack shoes and other objects neglected on the floor.

Here is Rebecca at 11 months of age, wearing something Lucy wears now! Rebecca was into attacking purses rather than shoes.

Here is Rebecca at 7 months of age, standing up with assistance from the crib. Lucy seems anxious to try to stand when held, but has not achieved the crib stand yet. We still haven't lowered the floor of her crib all the way yet. My doctor told me that larger babies take longer to achieve the same physical milestones (such as crawling, sitting etc.) as smaller babies. This is certainly turning out to be the case with my girls.

Here is Rebecca at 7 months of age -sitting unassisted. While Lucy can do this as of today, it is much more hit-and-miss, and we are now pushing 8 months of age.

Here is Rebecca enjoying blueberries at age 7 months. Lucy definitely eats more than Rebecca did, but is also pickier. Neither Lucy nor Rebecca seems to enjoy meat purées, and are not in a rush to hold their own bottle (although Lucy has surprised us by doing so a few times so far).

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Annie said...

Qu'elles sont belles tes puces!