Sunday, December 7, 2008

Successful nighttime bathroom visit.

So Rebecca has been giving us some trouble after bedtime.  When we go in to check on her she often either informs us that she needs a new pull-up or that she wants to sit on the toilet.

Several times recently we've had unproductive visits, no pee, but she gets annoyed when we try to get her off the pot and back to bed.

Last night, however, went differently.  I was just about ready to kick her off the toilet and to bed, when all of a sudden, she pooped.  She seemed a little surprised, I rewarded her with gusto, hugs, cheers, and a pair of shiny kitty stickers for her potty chart.

Tonight, was back to the normal routine of sit and sit and sit and not much happens.  Fingers crossed that we can reinforce the successful number two visits soon.

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