Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rebecca's parenting input

Lucy's speedy crawling lifestyle has been the cause of no little distress for Rebecca. Becca is learning the hard way that if she leaves things on the ground, they are liable to be attacked by her baby sister, and covered in drool (or something worse). Lucy doesn't care that the item might be Rebecca's sock, Rebecca's shoe or Rebecca's favourite blanket. Consequently, Rebecca keeps asking me to clean her things after Lucy has been at them, or even just near them. Other than shrieking, Becca's latest coping strategy has been to suggest to me in no uncertain terms, that Lucy requires a nap or a snooze. I suppose this would effectively eliminate the problem, but keeping Lucy perpetually unconscious is just not viable.
Today, Rebecca made me sit at her place at the dining room table, so she could serve me "pretend bread" and make me drink fake milk out of a plastic bowl. It is fun to play along. Most of her imaginative play has been solo to date, and it is nice to see her branching out. She also accesorized me when I was trying on some old evening wear - I was told to wear a silver plastic crown in my hair, and a Hawaiian floral lei on my arm. The effect was certainly eye-catching.

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