Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lucy's new tooth

On Hallowe'en Lucy finally cut her fourth tooth. She has been a little cranky the last few days as it continues to ease its way out.
We are still exploring the world of mushy vegetables and other solids. So far her preferences look like this:
Rice: yum
Barley: yuck
Oats: super-yum
Carrots: indifference
Squash: super-yum
Peas: acceptable
Wax beans/yellow beans: yuck
Green beans: yum

In the past two days, Lucy has begun to make pre-crawling movements. This consists of rocking back and forth while on her hands and knees. She also sometimes fully extends her back legs so that she is doing a variant of downward-facing dog.
I distinctly remembered Rebecca's pre-crawling stage, so I decided to look at my blog archives.
I was frightened to discover that after having observed pre-crawl motions in Becca, she crawled and sat up within a period of three weeks, and within a month, she was pulling herself to a standing position using her crib, playpen - whatever.

Lastly, on impulse I bought a Jolly Jumper for Lucy. I don't think I've ever seen Lucy have so much fun. And it entertains the rest of us. More later - with pics from Hallowe'en.

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