Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jolly Jumper and Trick Or Treating

First, the Jolly Jumper video:

Our little pumpkin:

(So cute she's out of focus in the full sized)
So here's the story:

Over the last couple months Rebecca's been getting scared of Halloween. Decorations at the grocery store resulted in her putting her head in her hands, or blanket over her head saying "Don't be scared, it's ok. Go home now."

That being said, she was quite excited about it, and took every opportunity to mention pumpkins and skeletons and scarecrows.

The night arrives, and she gets bundled up. She is warm, and super cuddly in her outfit. We head out, and the first leg goes well, with only a few requests to be carried, and a few resolute "Don't be scared" statements from Rebecca.

We go around the block where there's one of THOSE houses. You know the ones, bodies hanging from the trees, gravestones, do not cross tape, and spooky lighting.

I was expecting things to go sideways at that point, but Rebecca simply said "Hello scarecrows, hello pumpkins!" and we went up for some trick-or-treating. As we approached she did ask to be picked up, and I obliged, but she was in good spirits. She got her candy and was ok to be put down. As we left, though, we passed the owners' mini-van which had the door open to play a Halloween CD on the stereo. As our intrepid candy beggar passed a mournful shriek emanated from within the familymobile, followed up, in harmony, by an ear piercing wail of terror from Rebecca. (while crying) "Don't be scared. Are you afraid? It's ok. Bye bye scarecrows. Go home now."

All was ok with a good minute of cuddling though, and the trick-or-treating continued.
We get to a house halfway down the next block (we simply circled one block, so we were on our way home at this point) and Rebecca dutifully goes up to the front door. As the screen door opens she pipes up with a cheerful "Trick or treat!". Behind the door is a lady in a scary ghoul mask with a giant wig. Screams and crying ensue. The lady takes off her mask and tries to placate Rebecca. (while crying) "Trick or treat. Happy Halloween. Bye bye. Go home now. Carry me ok?"

I tell you, that was worth the price of admission right there. I got an awesome cuddle out of it to boot. And really, while these are the sorts of scars that never heal, they're also invisible so I can't get in trouble for them.

I can't wait 'till next Halloween.

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