Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sleeping breakthrough?

Lucy's been giving us trouble at night. Last night both Mom and I were pretty tired, and Lucy was fussing, so I decided to take her for a walk. I bundled her up (it was cool out) and put her in her car seat which clips into the giganti-stroller. She stopped fussing almost immediately.

I went for a walk, came home and brought her downstairs in the car seat, and she was fine. She slept for 3 hours straight. (I could have been sleeping too!)

Anyway, new hypothesis, she likes going to sleep cuddling because it's warm. Ergo, we haven't been keeping her warm enough. That being said, unlike a newborn Rebecca, she decidedly does NOT like being swaddled. So that just means more blankets and a little hat when we put her down to sleep in her Moses basket in our room at night.

Waking up once or twice in the night for a quick snack is a lot easier than giving her a snack and a cuddle every 2 hours.

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Annie said...

Have you tried not letting her go for more than 2-3 hours between feeds during the day... Or make sure she doesn't sleep too well during the day (light, noise, sleeping in a more recline position). I think that is what made Louis-Pierre sleep longer at night. Just a tought. Good luck!