Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Budding paleontologist...

I have been encouraging Rebecca's interest in dinosaurs.
It's not that hard because I had a major dinosaur obsession through most of my childhood and I saved all my models and books. Every so often I drag up something new from some box in the basement to delight Rebecca with. If Greg doesn't get moving on airplane identification, biology might edge out technology in our household. :)
As it stands, Rebecca is now able to identify several dinosaurs using garbled versions of their names. She may not be accurate, but she is certainly precise.
We have:

Real name: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Rebecca version: T Rex (actually, this isn't a garbling, just a truncation)

Real name: Stegosaurus
Rebecca version: Gosaurus - this was the first one she managed, due no doubt to the distinct morphology

Real name: Triceratops
Rebecca version: Ceratops (but sometimes just Tops) - this one is her favourite

Becca classes all other dinosaurs by the following generic names:
"Flying dinos" and "Swimming dinos".

This morning, Rebecca was helping me in the garden (for some reason, when she talks about gardening it comes out like "gurney" we at first is disturbing). She noticed that some neighbourhood dog had left a bone at the edge of our lawn. Becca was very excited because she felt it must be a dino bone. Fortunately I was able to persuade her not to play with it.

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alpharon said...

As an old Aussie with two grown up kids, I must say Rebecca is an absolute delight. Doesn't she pose so candidly well for the camera? All the best to her.