Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mimicry - good omen?

My Mom bought Rebecca a baby doll and doll stroller to help encourage a smooth adjustment when Lucy arrived.
At first, this gift was met with aversion and/or fear (it was a little hard to tell). Eventually, Rebecca began to push the doll around in its stroller. Earlier this week, she seemed to have named her baby, but since she tends not to talk to it - I can't be 100% sure. She told me the baby's name was Alicia. (If you are wondering why she chose this particular name, you need look no further than Diego). Anyhow, today I saw Rebecca try to feed her baby doll from her own milk sippy cup. Based on what I've been reading lately, this is a good indication that Rebecca is starting to adjust to having Lucy around. I hope this is true.

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