Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update: Could be better

I've been sick since last Friday evening. I caught Rebecca's whatever, and now here we are - Thursday. I haven't been to work all week.
I finally took myself into the doctor's office because I had reason to suspect I was getting worse - and I was right. Looks like pneumonia (except, naturally the "looking" part - the chest x-ray, can't actually be performed on pregnant women due to risks to the baby). You might wonder how diagnosis is possible without the x-ray - well, by the nature of symptoms, and aural cues received subsequent to examination by stethoscope (I have the "crackling"). The upside is that at this time, it sounds like only one lung is affected. That being said, this is nevertheless going to get added to my list of "things that are worse when you're pregnant". As if I wasn't tired enough already!!! To say nothing of the fact that my lungs are already being squashed. Anyhow, I was pleased to discover that there *are* antibiotics available to pregnant women, and I've embarked on a course of said drugs.
There is online information on respiratory illness during pregnancy - of course, it is not common enough to have entered the mainstream prego websites. Fortunately, my years in graduate school have made me quite comfortable reading medical/scientific abstracts and papers, so I can be as informed as I would like to be. My major concern is increasingly my chances for preterm labour, which are already above average due to the circumstances of Rebecca's birth. But frankly, beyond focusing on resting, drinking liquids, and healing, there is precious little for me to do beyond what I've already done. So I guess I will be at home for a little while longer (eating up my precious sick leave I had earmarked for April).

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Annie said...

J'espère que tu vas aller mieux bientôt... je compatis avec toi, ça ne doit pas être facile d'avoir les poumons congestionnés quand en plus, tu es déjà comprimé à cause de bébé. Reposes-toi bien!