Wednesday, February 20, 2008

30 weeks: time to switch over

Just got back from my last appointment with my GP. After this, all my prenatal appointments are with my obstetrician. The nurse gave me some very helpful advice about how to survive being home with a newborn and a toddler. She suggested that once the newborn was about 2 months (when the routine is more settled), having a daily walk between breakfast and lunch is a good idea for everyone, and helps wear down the toddler. Also, she gave her toddler the opportunity (not forcing) to help by bringing necessary items (for example, when the baby needs a change). She made sure to have lots of simple meals frozen and prepared in advanced (something I had bought supplies to do last time, but never got to execute due to Becca's early arrival). In addition, she had a basket of goodies for her toddler to play with during baby feeding times (the basket only came out at that time). In the afternoon, everyone took a nap - even if they didn't sleep, they got quiet restful time to themselves. I think this is a particularly good approach. I hope that I can remember to use all these ideas.
My lungs are now clear of crackling and other nastiness. I have not finished my course of antibiotics yet - and I intend to take things slowly at first. The last thing I want to do is catch someone's cold at work and wind up in the same situation. So, for today, I will be going to work in the afternoon and not stressing too much. I plan to try to take better care of myself and make sure my immune system is in good shape. My lungs feel tired, but I don't feel like there is a little demon sitting in there anymore. Unfortunately, I am now starting to feel the side effects of the antibiotics - nausea and diarrhea hooray. But, it is certainly preferable to a lung infection - so I'm not complaining.
As I anticipated, it turns out that I've actually lost weight since my last appointment due to my lack of appetite, illness, etc. So, no one gave me a hard time today! Losing weight in the third trimester is a feat - but not something I want to see continue. After all - Lucy is still putting on pounds. I'm supposed to meet my energy needs and hers - plus whatever I need to get back to 100% health.
As for Lucy, she continues to have a nice strong heartbeat, she remains head down, and I am measuring accurately for her stage of gestation.

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