Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nononononono yes

Viewers of the Vicar of Dibley will recognize the quote.

Others will have to trust me that Rebecca didn't invent one of her newest favorite sayings, instead she got it through genetic memory or something from her parents (she's never seen the show).

What else is new?

1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10.... YAY! Clap!

(Yeah, that's a quote, something which is heard frequently while Rebecca is amusing herself)

She still hasn't seen fit to grace us with full sentences yet, but she definitely can express herself pretty well.

She gives kisses more willingly now, asks for hugs (especially when someone's upset, which is really sweet), says "I love you" occasionally, and is amazingly cute when going to bed.

Usually I carry her to her room, and she puts up a little fuss on the way. "Nonononono.... down please" We then get to her room and she asks to be put down in bed. "A hug? Snuggle bed?" I lie down with her and she requests a song or five. "Blaaa blaaa sheep? A Spider? ABC?" When she feels like she's had enough, she rolls onto her side, gathers up a handful of blankie in anticipation of sucking on it, and announces "Bye" and blows a couple kisses.

Mom's been home for a few days after her lingering cold turned out to be pneumonia. Rebecca had a bit of a gurgly cough, so we took her to a clinic, but she was fine, and it has since cleared up. Both mom and Rebecca enjoyed the time together (in spite of the hacking coughs from mom). Mom's on antibiotics now and has gotten her appetite back and some of her energy, though she's still doing her frequent walrus impression. Hopefully she'll have it licked completely soon.

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