Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's all just a little bit of history repeating

Got the call from the doctor's office this week. Despite my hopes, I failed the initial glucose tolerance test AGAIN. So I'm off for the long and horrible one tomorrow morning. The 8 hour fast, the super-sweet orange nastiness, the multiple punctures. I still have a bruise from the initial test. Trying desperately to get Lucy's room emptied out for the furniture that is coming ( date unknown). I am limited to moving small stuff, and directing Greg on what needs cleaning up. Of course, time is at a premium for both of us, so between his work shifts, time with Rebecca, my work, and our mutual exhaustion lately, it's not going according to schedule. Sometimes I feel like I am under a mound of earth, from which there is no escape - it just keeps piling up, despite my efforts to dig myself out and actually - hopefully - maybe get on top of it all again. The medical commitments that are now increasing in frequency, naturally do little to help this situation.
I am up early today because Lucy was going bananas starting at 6am, and I was unable to get back to sleep. Therefore, I am endeavouring to do something that meets one of Greg's two criteria for activity - productive and/or entertaining.
I have lost my pregnancy office buddy quite suddenly and unexpectedly. She has been ordered to stop working and rest at home. I am worried about her, and I would have liked to say goodbye. Also, I miss her company. Second pregnancies and the women going through them, just don't bear the magical aura of a first pregnancy, despite the fact that it is actually more challenging to look after yourself when you have a toddler underfoot, than when you can go home from work and have a nap before supper. Relaxation time starts when Rebecca goes to bed/sleep (not necessarily both at once). The only problem is - that small window of time before I cease to be capable of consciousness is also the time when I'm supposed to: do chores, do things I enjoy, spend time with Greg, get Lucy's room ready, communicate with family and friends, prepare for the next day.

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