Sunday, January 20, 2008

100 days to go!!!

After today, it's all double-digits of waiting (supposedly, hopefully).
Lucy is making me very uncomfortable lately. A trip to the grocery store this weekend made me want to cry - she is shoving her limbs so far up into my ribs, back and liver, and as long as I am walking or sitting, I get no relief. I have found that the only solution for this is to lie down on my left side (since she is camped on my right). It is really tiring, and sometimes I despair that I won't be able to endure all this for however many months remain. My edema is noticeably worse, but still not as bad as the last time. Out of curiosity, I perused my Rebecca blog to compare pregnancy progress. Apparently, my glucose tolerance failure prompted a call from my doctor within 24 hours. Perhaps this means I am in the clear? Naturally, they only call when something is amiss. Also, I was surprised to read that in early October of 2005, we had a heat wave with highs of 28 degrees Celsius for 4 days in a row. The A/C unit was running at our house every night and I was seriously uncomfortable. No wonder I had almost no fall/winter mat clothes for this time around, I was living in my summer clothes even in the third trimester. I am so thankful to be pregnant through the winter.

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Annie said...

Je suis d'accord avec toi! J'ai meme dit a Marc que toutes mes grossesses futures devaient egalement se derouler en majeure partie durant l'hiver... je ne sais ce que je ferais enceinte de 8-9 mois durant juillet/aout!