Wednesday, January 16, 2008

25 weeks prenatal appointment and glucose challenge

I had my 25week prenatal appointment today. After 28 weeks, we go to the biweekly appointment schedule, so my next appointment will take place at 28 weeks rather than 29 weeks gestation.
Anyhow - I was waiting to hear the same kind of message I received at this point in my last pregnancy - that is... you are measuring large and have exceeded recommended weight gain. But... the message never came. Everything is fine. So, that was a pleasant surprise.
Also, Lucy's head is down, but I am told that since the uterus tends to be larger in a second pregnancy, the baby gets more freedom of movement and space for longer, and therefore, she is not necessarily "settled" in that spot. Except, I think she is.
I also had my glucose tolerance test today. The pseudo-orange crush beverage was worse than I remembered, but I was able to make it through the hour without getting drowsy, so hopefully I will not be a borderline flunk like the last time and be forced to undergo the longer, stronger, grosser test.
I am beginning to wonder about what will happen if Lucy doesn't arrive in the way I expect. I am fully expecting her to come early in Rebecca-style. But what if she comes on time or even late? There is a whole end stage to pregnancy that I have never experienced. I never got to be at home, not working, waiting for labour to start. The circumstances of my last delivery - early membrane rupture etc., really narrowed the options for how the delivery was handled right from the beginning. Because I was induced, I didn't get to wander around or try any of the myriad of techniques that Greg and I learned about in prenatal class. I was also in a great deal of pain from even the point of 1cm dilation - so maybe all that stuff isn't for me anyway. Maybe it was so painful because I had already broken my water? What if the baby and I don't have to be in the hospital for 6 days? What if my water doesn't actually break before labour - then what? I don't know what's really normal. Maybe I will have a normal pregnancy? Maybe there is no "normal".
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