Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Round two!

I am pregnant again! Started trying at the end of May, but only made a serious effort in the last month. It's a little harder to make this kind of thing a priority with a toddler ruling your life.
Anyhow, I had a positive home pregnancy test yesterday (which I did at work, in the afternoon, in the washroom stalls). Despite the fact that my period was already five days overdue, previous tests had failed to yield a positive result. Why? Because I was trying to be economical! The sensitivity of generic tests is very poor. When I switched to the most sensitive test on the market, I immediately got a positive result.
Go figure.
I started having symptoms last week, which made me suspicious. I think I may be in for a rougher time than the last, since I am already quite nauseous, sore, crampy, moody, tired, and in the midst of digestive upset. What surprised me the most was that the fatigue did not seem extraordinary. It was my biggest clue last time. I realize that I am now far more accustomed to fatigue, and after my experiences with Rebecca, I will probably never feel that a level of deep fatigue is unusual.
I decided to have a separate blog for this second experience, because it is unique and different, and because I probably won't divulge my condition to most people for a little while yet. I think it's more accurate if I make "fresh" posts. Also, I am being more candid than last time because I don't want to inadvertently pressure any of my friends.
My first prenatal doctor's appointment is next week.
According to online due date calculator, my due date should be April 25th, 2008.
I was already outed by one coworker, within hours of taking my test. We have a habit of sharing snacks (she is my cubicle neighbour), and when I asked for a snack at an unusual time, she immediately asked if I was pregnant, and I found I couldn't deceive her. I guess I am a predictable creature.
Then, this morning, my other cubicle neighbour told me she had a dream about me last night. In this dream, she spoke with one of our former colleagues who told her that the sex of my unborn child was female. I thought this was a little freaky.

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