Monday, August 6, 2007

Adventures in sleeping... success!

To prepare for our upcoming camping trip, we pitched the tent in the back yard to see if we could get Rebecca sleeping out there.

She spent much time doing laps, tripping on our feet, sitting on our heads, and generally being a little crazy. A few times she got upset and could only be placated by giving her our flashing turtle light.

After a couple awesome disco parties where she swung the flashing light around over her head, she finally settled around midnight.

She got up again at 3:30, settled again, then got up around 6:30, and mom took her inside to sleep in on her bed.

Our confidence bolstered by this success, we proceeded to try the sleeping trapeze with no net, and disassembled her crib yesterday. We tried to get her to nap on her bed with little success throughout the day, but were able to get her to go to sleep on her bed around 10pm last night (2 hours after her normal bedtime). Needless to say, she was QUITE tired by that point, and slept quite well (like a baby some would even say) straight through until 9 something this morning.

After a failed attempt for her morning nap, we got her to go down for her nap in her bed at 3pm today, where she stayed soundly asleep for 2 1/2 hours.


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