Sunday, August 26, 2007

I still need my Mommy sometimes

First of all - she hadn't had a poo for two days.
She seemed tired. She was furiously eye-rubbing and blanket-sucking.
I put her down for a nap.
I was myself exhausted.
I fell asleep for 15 minutes until a phone call woke me up.
It was only 15 minutes!
In that time she:
  • Moved almost all her furniture to one corner of the room
  • Took all the clothes out of her dresser
  • Put all her crayons in the vent
  • Stripped naked
  • Took her poo-filled diaper and smeared it on:
    • The floor
    • Her clean clothes from her dresser
    • Her white blanket
    • Her clean bed sheets
    • Herself - her chest, her butt and her cheeks
When I walked into the room, it smelled very bad and she was very happy.
Greg was at work. Supper guests were coming in a matter of hours.
I called my Mom. She came to my rescue.

Thank-you Mom for all your help!!!

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