Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Unusual adventures in diaperland.

So last night, I'm downstairs geeking on the computer with both the ladies asleep in their beds.

I hear the familiar rumbling of a baby-not-sleeping, and decide to go upstairs to investigate. I get outside her door, and listen, no baboo-sign. Hrm. Maybe she's settled? I hear a peep and seize the opportunity for a late night cuddle. (usually unless she's really upset we let her settle herself down again, so this was an out of character decision for me to make at this point)

Rebecca was standing bolt upright in her bed, blanket in hand (and mouth) grinning at me. Ok, I guess she's not asleep.

I scoop her up, and feel that not so fresh damp feeling in around her legs....

*sigh* I guess her diaper leaked.

Hrmm... That's odd, I changed her diaper just before putting her down this evening.

*I feel around for an overly full diaper* Hrm. That's odd, I'm sure her pajamas were done up when I put her down a couple hours ago.

Oh, and what's this? A naked bum?

I guess Rebecca decided to have a little nudist party in the middle of the night.

Diaper story #2:

Fast forward to early this afternoon. Rebecca's due for a periodic diaper change. I take the old one off, and it seems uncharacteristically light. Whiiiizzzzzzz. I panic. I freeze. My leg is now soaked. There's an ever growing puddle at my feet. Ermmm....

"Stop. No."

The shower abates. Rebecca smiles.

A new stream begins.

"....Rebecca, no!"

Lather, rinse repeat. She stops, gives me a coy smile, and starts again.

She's done her business. I stand there, wondering exactly WHY I didn't bother putting the old diaper back on/in the way, instead of freezing like a deer in headlights and *politely asking* my 18 month old not to pee all over me, the change table, and the floor? Rebecca smiles at me again. I shake my head and get to the business of cleaning up the minor bio-hazard spill.

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