Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rebecca is 1.5 years old today

I can't believe it, but it's true - Rebecca is a year and a half today. In honour of this momentous milestone, we measured her height for the growth chart. She is 33 inches tall (almost 3 feet).
Now for the update...
Rebecca has started "sharing" with other people. This mostly (but not exclusively) involves food. She will offer what she has to someone else. I am not convinced this is a purely altruistic action, as it is usually something she doesn't want anymore, however, as her previous reaction was to chuck something on the floor - I think it's an improvement.
We keep hearing her attempt to sing the ABC song. While she only manages to get through the first line, it is pretty impressive (to us) all the same. This morning, Rebecca removed her "fridge DJ" from the fridge, and turned it on to the ABC songs. She brought it into her room, placed it upright on her night table (which means it is approximately at her eye level), and stood in front of it, playing the ABC song again and again and trying to follow it.
Bananas are no longer safe in our household. Becca has decided that she loves "mananas", and will actually remove an entire bunch from the top of the dining room table. As you might imagine, I am forced to purchase bananas basically every time I go grocery shopping (since bananas are also a favourite of mine). Recently, Rebecca tried to grab bananas out of someone else's grocery cart. The big problem is when a shipment of bananas have just recently arrived and most are green. The baboo does not understand that a green banana has a different taste than a yellow banana. While I was unpacking groceries yesterday, she actually stole the hand of green bananas, and ate through part of the peel to get to the banana inside. This is not her first attempt to eat a banana peel and I keep hoping that the nastiness of the experience will make her stop. Apparently not.

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