Monday, June 25, 2007

Today's vaccination plus catch-up

Rebecca got another two shots in the arm today. She was already annoyed at me for having held her down so she could be measured (grouchiness likely due to her doctor's appointment supplanting morning nap time), so when I pinned her so that the nurse had access to her arms (giant bear hug with my arms grasping her hands around her body) she was right ornery.

Anyway, a little wailing and some primo quality sympathy cuddles later, she was right as rain. I must say, it's nice that she still trusts me to make things better after putting her through a mini-ordeal like shots at the doctor's!

We got home and she hit the sack sans-lunch at around 12:30, and slept right through 'till 4. Needless to say, today has been a little screwy. We have somewhere around a week of potential vaccination repercussions to deal with, low grade fevers, irritability, sore arms etc. Hasn't been too bad in the past. *fingers crossed*

Oh, also, last weekend Sarah was over (with Nigel and Rowan, but really, Rebecca is really just into Sarah) and she was flipping through the fairy tale book with Rebecca. She gets to an illustration from Snow White and says: "Oooh, look at the guy in the mirror."

Rebecca parrots back "Guy in the mirror".

Odd, four words that aren't part of her vocabulary, pronounced very clearly. We spent the rest of the evening trying to get her to repeat the feat, no dice.

Then on Saturday, Nanny took Rebecca to the park and played with her on the slide. Rebecca now readily says: "Goooooo" if you prompt her with "Ready.... Set....". It's amazing how quickly she can pick things up.

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