Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ho ho ho: Green Vomit

It appears that my assessment of Rebecca's liking for green peas was extremely premature.

I was attempting day 2 of green peas when Rebecca made a mild yucky face. Undeterred, I continued to offer her spoonfuls, which she ate (if not with gusto). I was reflecting on how cute she looked in her white romper and how nice it was that there was something else she might consent to consume.
Suddenly, she paused. Her face turned a little red. Then...
Torrents of white and green vomit erupted from her mouth in a gushing stream that had to be seen to be believed. This first onslaught was followed by a second and equally revolting geiser of what I can only assume was a vile combination of formula, oatmeal from breakfast, applesauce from breakfast and undisgested green pea purée.
Understandably, I was quite distressed by this event. Rebecca, on the other hand, happily laughed and jabbered at me, as I began to mop up the floor.
There was vomit on the floor, on her clothes, on her hands, in every nook and cranny of the highchair, and most unfortunate of all (because the high chair was in a reclined position), down the back of her diaper.
We then had an impromptu bathtime, after which she had a nap.
I disassembled the highchair to find all the pockets of liquid. It was as though I was on some sort of foul easter egg hunt.
It will be a long time before we try the green peas again.

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