Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Becca's "yucky" face

So.. kiwis were not a hit.
In fact, Greg and I had the opportunity to witness Rebecca's "yucky" face for the first time. It's hard to keep a straight face when she's that cute, but I try to respect her expression of feelings.
I guess this means I will be having kiwi shakes with my breakfast.
Later in the day, Rebecca tried to steal the apple I was eating. Maybe because I was eating it? Maybe because it made a crunchy sound? Who knows? She is quite persistent. I guess I will have to make apple mush next.
Things have been a little rough in the past week. Rebecca went through her 6 month growth spurt, which was manifested by a marked increase in food consumption and grouchiness. At the same time, teething pain has increased (I think she is working on the second tooth), and much cuddle therapy has been in order (that part would be better if she wasn't obviously suffering). For the first time ever, Becca has appeared to give a damn about her teething snail. She gnawed on it for a good half hour the other night, despite a previous disdain for it. She continues to favour the hard body over the soft shell (the opposite of what was intended, I am sure).
Mad-eye Maddy parenting tip for 6 month olds: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! Seriously. I'm starting to share one of Rebecca's afternoon naptimes, because she is such an energy sapper.

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