Monday, May 1, 2006

Toes and nearly rolling over

I was convinced that Rebecca might roll over while we were in Halifax. She came very close, but didn't seem motivated to make the extra effort. It was strange because she spent a lot of her time attempting the rolls, and then seemed to lose interest. Her attention is now firmly centered on her toes, which she regularly chews on (unless she accidentally pulls her sock off instead). All this rolling (be it attempts or toe chewing) has resulted in some bald spot on the back of her head. It looks very odd because none of the hair at the front has been lost. Rebecca has also become adept at joyful squealing (although stubbornly refuses to display it since returning to Ottawa), and removing her shoes. Her finger sucking is sometimes thumb-only, but since teething has begun, it often involves multiple fingers or two hands. She will also suck a finger while also sucking on a bottle, but at that point I've noticed that she is no longer drinking, but is gumming the rubber nipple (presumably for relief from teething).

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