Monday, May 1, 2006

Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong, it will

Greg and I were late teethers (me about 7.5 months, Greg about 9 months)
Based on what I had read and been told, this meant that Becca should teethe late.
Or... she could start teething while on vacation in Halifax.
And... she could start teething her eye teeth (lower canines), instead of conventional teething (lower incisors first), like some sort of werewolf child.
Poor Becca.
I was in denial at first. I blamed everything - change of location, change of water, change of time zone. But ultimately, I could not deny the mounting evidence.
She displayed every classic symptom of teething:
  1. low-grade fever
  2. rosy cheeks
  3. diaper rash (heretofore unencountered)
  4. pulling on her ears
  5. screaming out of the blue
  6. obvious pain
  7. raised red areas on the gums
  8. gumming of things
  9. excessive drooling
Thank goodness for Tempra, which allowed her to get some reasonable sleep.

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