Monday, May 1, 2006

The sleep saga continues

Becca slept reasonably well in Halifax. She was sleeping in a playpen, and while she never slept 10 hours without interruptions, she did sleep a total of at least 10 hours at night, with stretches as long as 8 hours, and only one interruption (in general). Considering that she was teething, it's not too bad. In fact, now that we're home, she's back to sleeping through the night (10 hours straight). The oddest thing about the way she slept in Halifax, was that because the crib afforded her so much space, she really moved around at night. No matter what position I placed her in, I could count on finding her in a radically different position in the morning. By some happy chance, the disruption of her naps which was the result of many family visits during the first week of our trip, caused Rebecca to adopt an earlier bedtime (of her own accord), which has created a stable wake-up time of 8am (Otttawa-time). I am quite pleased with this development as it makes life easier for me. A 10pm bedtime beats a midnight bedtime hands down. Of course, ideally I would like to see wake-up at 7am, but this is good for now.

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