Thursday, January 5, 2006

What do I do all day?

From my recent records:
4:45PM feed
6:45 PM feed
9:45 PM feed
12:15AM feed
2:45AM feed
5:31AM feed
9:00 AM feed
12:00PM feed
1:30PM feed
3:50PM feed
5:15PM feed
6:40PM feed
8:40PM feed
11:15PM feed
1:35AM feed
3:06AM feed
5:50AM feed
8:30AM feed

And so on and so forth.

What does that feel like? It feels like one perpetual day - and that day started when I got home from the hospital. Really - it feels like a day that never ever ends because the time of day no longer matters for anything. In fact, it is often difficult for me to remember which day of the week it is.

Greg takes a hit for the team during the night, which allows to sleep for longer than one hour. The most consecutive hours of sleep I have had since I came home from the hospital is five hours, but that only happened once. Last night I had a stretch of sleep that was four hours long and it was spectacular.

Rebecca was weighed yesterday and has gained over a pound in the last week. Hooray! She now weighs over eight pounds.

Feeding is preceded by diaper change which can take about ten minutes if multiple diapers are involved, and if clothing needs to be changed, or if the wall and floor have to be cleaned.
A feeding can be as long as an hour.
After feeding the baby has to be burped and settle down. Sometimes this takes an entire hour.
Feeding is followed by dual pumping which takes 15 to 20 minutes plus 15 to 20 minutes for washing and sterilization.

The only reason I am posting to the blog right now is because Rebecca is in her Snugli with me - she wouldn't sleep without being against me. She has definitely trained me.

Gotta run, the clock is ticking.
The clock is always ticking.
I should point out that this is a clock for which - despite the harrowing schedule of tending to the needs of the newborn - I would never turn back the hands.

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