Monday, January 9, 2006

Rebecca update

Just this past week, Rebecca had her 4 week checkup.
It's hard to believe she's been around that long! And as of today (Jan.14), she is five weeks old! Already, some of her clothes don't fit anymore, and we moved from newborn diapers to "phase 1" size diapers. Sometimes I wish we could keep her this small forever.
Her colour and reflexes are all excellent. She is now over 9lbs in weight and is apparently in the 75th percentile for weight. She is in the 90th percentile for length. Pretty good for a baby who was technically a premie!
As usual, I went to the checkup armed with a list of questions. Rebecca has red marks at the back of her neck which have been present since birth. Apparently these are birth marks which will eventually fade. My GP said it's quite common to have birthmarks in that locations and also just north of the butt.
Rebecca's right eye infection persists. Greg and I treat her with antiobiotic drops twice a day (fusithalmic). This infection is the result of a blocked tear duct (yet another common condition), which has been blocked since day 1. It doesn't cause her any pain, but gross yellow/green liquid oozes out of her eyes and coats the lashes. We must clean that eye a billion times a day. We massage in the duct area to encourage it to open. Hopefully opening will occur at some point. If it isn't opened by 10 months, babies undergo a surgical procedure to have it opened. According to my Mom, I had this condition in both eyes as a baby. I was booked for the surgical procedure when the ducts finally opened.
Rebecca also has baby acne which is another visually unappealing but harmless condition. It peaks at about 6 weeks then disappears. Basically, she gets zits on her face. Mind you, they endlessly migrate. There might be a bad patch in one particular location on one day, and then on the next day - that patch is clear and a new patch has appeared somewhere else.
Anyhow, next checkup is at 2 months, which is when she gets her first vaccinations. I was advised to purchase some baby tempra or baby tylenol to give her prior to the shot. Apparently the baby can be quite uncomfortable for about 24 hours. The baby tempra came in cherry and banana flavours. I chose banana because that is what I would want, but frankly - Rebecca doesn't know banana from cherry. It's like the textured bottoms on her socks and footed sleepers - a pointless feature at her age.

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