Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sore back

I am not a person who normally gets a sore back. I do get a sore neck and shoulders from time to time, but the sore back was for other people. Not anymore. They say that the movement of bones and stretching of ligaments contributes to this condition. It makes sense to me that with all sorts of stuff shifting around in the middle of my body, the middle of my back would get sore. And it does. For two solid days I felt as though I could not assume any position without being uncomfortable. The solution was mostly massaging the area (or having Greg do the same). Again, I am missing advil. The parts of my body that feel and look "normal" to me are my arms and legs. Everything else is all messed up - as if I am a Mrs. Potato head toy, where someone has rearranged the parts.

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