Monday, June 20, 2005

Prune juice

One of the many (and more common) problems in pregnancy is constipation. It's a nasty topic, I know. The body slows down the entire digestive system to suck as many nutrients as possible out of the food you are consuming. Also, the expanding uterus presses on the GI tract (which is behind it), and the bladder (which is in front of it). All this to say, I asked Greg to buy me some prune juice on the weekend because (without going into detail), I am suffering.
The plan was to have a small glass with my breakfast this morning. I was pleased to see that Greg had not opted for generic prune juice, but had bought Welch's. They make such good grape juice, so their other juice must be good too! I also noticed that he had bought unsweetened prune juice. Hmmm... well, it's not as though I need extra sugar in my diet right now. I poured some into a glass. It was opaque and brown. It looked like sewage. It didn't smell particularly bad though. I took a swig.
Prune juice is without a doubt the most vile liquid known to mankind.
The only reason I was able to drink even a few ounces, was because I cut it with about 12 parts gingerale. At that point, it basically tasted like gingerale.
Obviously, I am going to have to find a palatable fruit juice to mix it with, or this solution is just another problem.


Annie C. Fortin said...

C'est le temps des cerises...

Ca fait le meme effet que les pruneaux mais c'est bien meilleur :-)


Jen said...

Apples and/or apple juice work for some people...