Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Tricks

Trick #1:  "Look Daddy, I can have one eye open and one eye closed!"  "That's called winking honey."

Trick #2:  Maori tattoos for their baby dolls.  Rebecca and Lucy discovered a permanent marker hidden among some odds and ends on the dishwasher.  They decided that scribbling all over their dolls (one of which is Lucy's required bedtime companion) in black marker.  It was later determined that they were marked around the back of the neck to "protect them from predators".  They were also given "polish" on their feet.  Assorted scribbles on their heads and bodies remain unexplained.

We've done some internet research to see if it's possible to remove the markings.  We may be in the market for replacements.

Perhaps we'll take pictures first.

1 comment:

Jason said...

Apparently gasoline does a number on most permanent marker dyes. You may be able to de-mark the dolls if you're willing to douse your dolls in a toxic petrochemical bath.

(Keeping in mind that gasoline also dissolves plastic and you may end up with a disturbing plastic lump where there once was a baby.)