Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sisters help each other

Was taking care of dishes yesterday after dinner.  Rebecca and Lucy were playing well together for a little while, then I heard sounds of conflict.  Rebecca was opening and closing a door and Lucy was getting quite upset.  I told Rebecca to let Lucy in.

A couple minutes later Rebecca came up and said:
"Lucy's bum is all stinky and messy.  I tried to wipe it but I couldn't do it."


Check the bathroom.  As I suspected, there was a poopy toddler, poopy potty seat, poopy pull up in the bath tub, a couple of errant poops on the floor and a little other assorted mess.

Obviously I couldn't be angry, as Lucy was just trying to be independent and Rebecca was just trying to help, but I had to try to explain that Lucy needs the help of an adult if she's going to be using the potty.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Ha, ha! I needed a good laugh today. Thanks :)

How nice of Rebecca to help. I am sure Lucy will miss her sister during school days.