Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So - this past weekend Lucy had her first trip to emerg. She fell and split her forehead open on a piece of furniture. There was lots of blood, tears, and drama. She was glued back together, and is still sporting bandages and crustiness. I could give more details, but the truth is - it was all very horrible and scary and I am having enough trouble banishing the images from my mind. I will never forget it! The last time Lucy made my heart stand still like that was when she was born. I suppose that given her adventurous nature, this sort of thing was bound to happen sooner or later, but that realization isn't at all comforting. I'm just happy she is o.k. Yesterday, Rebecca had me put a bandaid on her forehead because she wanted to be like Lucy. That at least, was pretty cute. Things roll on the way they do in the fall - at full speed. Every school day I try to wrestle details out of Rebecca, but I only get as much as she's willing to share - which is pretty minimal. Fortunately, I am clever enough to sometimes trick information out of her with innocent-seeming questions or assertions. As I learned from Sherlock Holmes, a very easy way to get information out of people is to say something that is probably blatantly false - thus giving them the opportunity to correct you (something most people jump at the opportunity to do!). Also, I can't help but catch the tunes of unknown songs that she'll randomly start to sing. We haven't posted pictures in a while because our gallery server was down. It's now up and our collection is slowly being restored. Soon - pictures will return. I will be posting some September ones that you haven't seen. We had to cut Rebecca's hair because she kept getting massive tangles. Had we been less reluctant to cut it when she was yonger, it probably wouldn't have gotten to that state, but - the new do suits her anyway. Enjoy the pics of Lucy's unblemished face - they are the last ones that will ever exist.

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