Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh my god, we're in a whole new era

Whoops, almost a month since our last post!  :-/

So what's new?

Mainly, Rebecca's at school.

She's now successfully potty trained, and is currently in her third day of her educational career.

Assuming 2800 days of schooling before highschool graduation, she'll be a little over .1% done her schooling when I pick her up this afternoon.

She hops onto the bus full of smiles, talking with her schoolmates, and comes off the bus with random narrative snippets which we can't quite put together.  I'm not sure exactly what's happened to her at school, but I know she loves it.

It makes me happy to know she's loving it, but I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the same time.

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Jason said...

That's so excellent!

She's probably learning all the things she'll need to know in the mid-21st century... colours, numbers, music, introductory quantum polymorphism, intergalactic warp field navigation, Turing-Kurzweil cyborg identification...

Man, kids of the future make me feel so stupid. :)