Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twenty four hours of success!

Yesterday Rebecca performed flawlessly.  She wore the same underwear all day long, going to the bathroom a whole bunch of times.  Most impressively, both times that she had to go poop, she took herself to the bathroom and called out that she pooped in the toilet after she was done!  Hooray!  Rewarded her with a Disney puzzle.  (Got 8 of them in a box for $15)  We'll wean her off the bribes soon, once we're getting consistent success.

Today also went well, not 100%, but I won't bore you with details.

Next up, wiping ourselves after poops.  Following that, it's trying to go through the night in underwear.

I'm starting to feel more confident about kindergarten next month.  :)


Annie said...

Bravo Rebecca!!!

Et wow! Déjà la garderie... elle grandit trop vite.

Jason said...

Ditto Annie's post - Kindergarten already? Time flies!