Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long-overdue post

My public (Hi Mom!), has recently commented on the lack of posts. Sorry! It seems that everyone in our household is over the cold/virus/curse but me. I have a lingering sore throat which is quite painful but otherwise does not interfere with my life. Maybe if I'm lucky, my reluctance to swallow food can turn into a post-Christmas nog-busting diet. Ha ha.
At any rate, we took down the tree this week, much to the chagrin of Rebecca. She accused me of breaking the tree, and was pleading that we put the ornaments back on. She seems to have recovered and is already pestering me about Hallowe'en.
I had to take Becca for her 3 year checkup on Monday. Let me preface this story by stating that there are no vaccinations during the 3 year checkup, it simply consists of the very simple measurements of height and weight, in addition to looking at eyes, ears, listening to the heart and lungs, and palpating the digestive system etc. Traumatic? Surely not! It started out well enough - she was quite willing to hop into the car for a trip with Mommy, albeit disappointed that Grandpa was staying with Lucy instead of joining us. She played with a toy in the waiting room until the nurse opened the door and called her name. That was when the screaming began. I guess this means she remembers our trip for the flu shots in November! Anyway, I had to carry her in - she was screaming "NO: the whole time. Suffice it to say - many of the normal procedures were not performed. I do know that she now weighs 33 lbs. Of course, I had to stand on the scale with her, and then solo. When I let go of her, she attempted to get back into the waiting room. Thankfully, I had the foresight to bring her newest teddy bear with her, and this mollified her somewhat. All the same, I spent a lot of time reassuring and cuddling a mostly naked preschooler, who was willing to receive a sticker (and one for the teddy bear!) but unwilling to endure the stethoscope. Rebecca repeatedly told me that we were all finished and that it was time to go home. When it was time to leave, she was very happy, but then decided she wanted me to read her some of the books in the waiting room. The more often things like this take place, the more I lean towards nature over nurture. She's like my behavioural clone - it's eerie! For those of you who are only acquainted with adult-me, it might be difficult to imagine that I was ever anything like Becca... but it's true!
So, based on discussions with my doctor, Rebecca seems ready for junior-kindergarten in the fall (how is it possible that she is already this old?!?!), and I will be taking her to an allergist in the spring, so we can determine whether she has any food allergies like me. I haven't exposed her to any of the most common allergens yet, just in case she takes after Mommy. It will be a relief to know whether there is anything to be concerned about foodwise, but I am not looking forward to going through the testing procedure with Rebecca.
I was advised that since being independent and in-control is of such huge importance to Becca, I should endeavour whenever possible, to offer her choices. This is something that Greg and I already do, so it is nice to have it reinforced. 3 year olds have so little control over their lives, Rebecca gets frustrated very often. Her strong will, and her determination to do her own thing are fantastic traits in adults, and challenging traits in a child. This is of course, our major stumbling block in toilet training lately, and explains why some days are flawless and some days are a battle.
I now have the o.k. to take Rebecca off Homo milk (hooray!). Of course, we'll be putting Lucy on it in the spring, so we'll still be buying two types of milk for some time.
Lucy's mobility continues to grow. She has perfected the art of landing from standing, and has done a bit of hands-free standing. She is way more curious and adventurous than Rebecca at the same age, and there have been some fabulous wipe outs. It is hard to give her the freedom she needs when my instinct is to put her in a padded room filled with round and soft objects, but I have experience as my guide. Lucy is so happy to be experimenting and exploring.

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Annie said...

Pas juste ta maman, moi aussi j'avais h√Ęte de savoir ce qu'il y avait de nouveau avec tes filles :-)