Sunday, January 18, 2009

Everyone's sick again...

...but for the sake of variety, now it's the gastrointestinal kind of sick.

Ok, to be fair, *I* am only feeling somewhat queasy so far.  It *could* simply be the effects of dealing with soiled sheets, clothing, and children for the last few hours.  I've washed my hands more times that I care to count.

It started a couple days ago when I was at work.  Lucy threw up in her crib.  She's retained most of her good humor, but her appetite hasn't been consistent and she's obviously been having trouble with her digestion.

This afternoon Mom got sick.  Pretty violently ill.  Very uncomfortable.  I took charge of the kids for the evening and they were pretty good.  Rebecca woke up a few hours after her bed time and threw up in her bed.  She's been pretty miserable since.

Meanwhile Mom's been experiencing indigestion problems of both sorts, and Lucy is occasionally waking upset with a soiled diaper, because she has a developing case of diaper rash.

I'm on my third load of laundry now, and we're running short on cloths and towels (IE: only nice ones left) to clean up with.  Rebecca just crashed, after we got about a third of a dose of Maalox Multi Action into her.

I took a dose myself.

Let's see if anyone gets any sleep tonight.


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sarah m said...

sorry to hear you are all feeling so crummy. I guess we will see if we catch it too... wonder how many days incubation we're talking? Rowan's still suffering with her cold and low fever, but nothing worse yet.