Thursday, April 19, 2007

Loudest... day... EVAR

Night before last didn't go so well, and yesterday was pretty screwed up, sleep wise. Rebecca and I slept in... big time, which threw off her naps, which worried me.

We still made it out on the tandem to pick up mom from work, though, which was a blast. Rebecca wandered around the fields at Tunney's Pasture and I got some cute pictures:

We got home, and I took one of the three of us. It's awesome, this is exactly what I imagined owning the tandem and bike trailer would be like:

Last night, though, she slept almost perfectly, with a tiny cry and a cuddle at around 10pm (she was down in 5 or 10 minutes) and over 12 hours of sleep. She awoke this morning at 7:30 as mom was getting ready for work, and she was wired! Before breakfast she was squealing and giggling and running around. She had a good breakfast, and a good morning nap.

She got up with her fabulous mood. More running around being incredibly cute, laughing at just about anything, and getting extremely excited about stuff. She ate well at lunch, and went down for a good afternoon nap. (I napped too, as I was bagged from last night, not Rebecca's fault)

We got up and out of the house before 4pm. I jogged down to Tunney's to meet mom. We made our way home in the BEAUTIFUL weather (18 degrees and sunny! That's more like it!) and she had a good play in the back yard with mom:

Here she is inspecting her chariot... erm... Chariot:

Rebecca continued through dinner and change time laughing and squealing/screaming which we're trying to discourage without making too big a deal of it. It was around her bed time, and she wasn't settling, and mom had a headache coming on, so I popped down to the video store with her for a little extra wearing-out time which seemed to do the trick. She woke up with teething pain, which seems to be par for the course these days, and we gave her some Tempra and she settled down pretty well. What a great day.

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