Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yet another new molar!

Today was Shrove Tuesday, so we made pancakes for supper, and invited some friends to join us. I had placed Rebecca in her high chair and was trying to entice her to eat, when Greg decided he would make a "funny" face at her from behind one of our guests.
The most horrible of reactions ensued. Rebecca displayed abject distress and hiccupping sobs, and it took several minutes to comfort her.
It was the most bizarre thing, and very distressing for the Daddy who was only looking to generate laughter. I can honestly say that I've never heard or seen anything like that with Rebecca before.
But - to look at the bright side - before she opened her mouth in a figure-8 shaped grimace to let out a hearty wail, I was able to see that her second bottom molar has finally broken through the gums (well, the points have, the centre is still coming).
So - now on to the uppers! I don't know how I'll ever gauge their progress - seeing the bottom ones was difficult enough!

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