Saturday, February 10, 2007

14 months old today

There are now at least two points of the new molar showing, but it has not fully emerged. I can't believe she has to suffer for this long! There are days when she spends most of the time with her hand shoved into her mouth - going after the sore gums. Since she has started putting her finger against the bottom gum on the other side, I think it's safe to assume that the other molar is on its way.
Rebecca has three favourite activities right now:
  1. Having people read books to her (I know several verbatim at this point)
  2. Having people chase her around the house
  3. "Hiding" from people
Her three favourite books are:
  1. Dr. Seuss ABCs
  2. Dr. Seuss ABCs
  3. and just for kicks... Dr.Seuss ABCs
I say "hiding" because she's always in the same locations. Either she hides behind a door, or behind the armchair in her room. Yesterday, she was playing with her fridge DJ, and she dragged it with her when she "hid" behind the chair. Of course, it was still playing a song. :) The fridge DJ is a toy I got Rebecca for Christmas. It's fun, but it resulted in the song "Annie Ooo" being welded into my brainstem.
Becca has bigger hands again - I don't know when it happens, but suddenly I notice that her hands have become enormous. There's probably a growth spurt on the way soon, but frankly I don't look that kind of thing up anymore. I'm just too busy, and I don't really feel the need to check that she's developing at a normal rate - I know she is.
Except for the sippy cup problem. Rebecca will only drink out of soft spout sippy cups and I can't seem to get her to switch to hard ones (despite the fact that by this age, I could expect that she would have converted). She actually bit through the soft spout a few weeks ago when she was doing a great deal of teething-related chomping. She will accept no substitutes.
I took Rebecca to Eggspectations yesterday for lunch with a former work colleague. She loved it! Eggs are by far her most beloved food (apart from Baby Mum-mums which perhaps should not be considered a food per se).

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