Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another checkup

Today was my penultimate appointment with my GP. After the next one, I'm off to my obstetrician. Anyhow, I went through the usual pee test, weight measurement and blood pressure measurements. The weight was too high (as usual now), but the pee was o.k. I knew that the blood pressure must have been a little off, because my GP remeasured it. Blood pressure is on the high side of normal, but is still normal. She also checked the reflexes in my legs and feet - which appear to be perfectly normal. I am fairly certain this is because I still have some edema, and she is checking for nerve conduction etc. She measured the fundal length twice in a row. I know it's not a precise measurement, but she doesn't normally do that - I think the measurement is probably high. Seems like the top of the uterus is just under my ribs. I have read that taller women can sometimes have greater uterine expansion (but who knows). Again, some comments about my size. We also listened to the Rebecca's heartbeat and my GP felt for the positioning (she has her head down and on the left side - not too shocking since she kicks me in the upper right). Anyhow, as a result of concerns over my size, my GP has requisitioned yet another ultrasound test. I was not expecting to have any more ultrasounds, but there you have it. It's not like I mind. Considering what we could see on the last one, I'm curious as to what will show up on this one. This test will be about measuring the size of the baby (mega baby?) and the volume of amniotic fluid (excess?). As usual, I hope that everything is o.k. I am tired of worrying about freakish abnormalities. It would be nice to know why I am so big. I don't really think it is due to my lifestyle habits. This is another example of something that would have been attributable to gestational diabetes, but as we know - that has been ruled out. The most frustrating thing will be if it is idiopathic. I have done my homework (as usual). Sometimes I question the wisdom of this because the bad scenarios can be scary. Nevertheless, it is always better to be informed. That way I can be vigilant and ask the right questions, and I know what to watch for. I don't want to go in for a test and get a nasty surprise. Depending on the results, I might be facing many more ultrasounds in the weeks to come. With the time required for appointments and tests, I don't know how women who don't have understanding employers and protected medical leave rights can possibly manage. I do my best to secure appointment times that are compatible with the work day, but the truth is - since the appointments and tests must occur at specific periods in time, it is often not possible to see the doctor at the end or beginning of the day. I am stuck with mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
Maybe I can get a picture of Rebecca on Monday that I can post to this blog.

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