Sunday, April 18, 2010

Becca's a poor sickie

So Rebecca's been sick the last few days.  She'll seem somewhat better for a while, have a good appetite, be in good spirits, then wham, either back to the bathroom to clean up after an accident or she throws up.

She finds it quite upsetting, but she seems to recover ok with cuddles afterwards.

I got home tonight late after work to find Mom looking kind of frazzled.  Rebecca had thrown up in bed, meaning a couple loads of things to clean up afterwards, and some serious consolation after cleaning her up.

Apparently it was at this point that Rebecca said:

"I'm sick.  I threw up four times.  I'm four years old.  I don't want to ever turn five years old."

I went in to check on her late tonight to find out she'd slept right through soiling her sheets, so I had to wake her up and take her to the washroom to clean her off in the tub.

Tonight she said that she doesn't like the bathroom because it's "where bad things happen".

It's amazing how helpless you can feel when your child is sick and you have no way to make them feel better.

She does give awesome cuddles though when she's feeling down in the dumps.

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Annie said...

Pauvre Rebecca! J'espère qu'elle va aller mieux bientôt et que son virus épargne Lucy.