Monday, March 8, 2010

Coochie coo does not fix an enraged toddler

During our visit to the hardware store I had the temerity to try to strap Lucy into the back of a shopping cart. She was not pleased.

She started squirming, moaning, yelling, crying, bawling and occasionally emitting animal like guttural noises.

I studiously ignored it, as I don't want her to get her way every time she pitches a fit. Especially when I need to strap her down to get something necessary accomplished.

I had three separate Rona employees try to cheer her up. The first one came up, waved at her, made various cooing noises and very helpfully suggested that 'all she needs is a little distraction'. I thanked her for the advice.

The second employee showed up about 30 seconds later, bearing paint chips for children's bedrooms which are shaped like a little smily face on a card. She offered one to Becca, who graciously took it. Lucy instead growled 'No' and whacked it out of the kind lady's hand onto the floor.

The third employee was about a minute later, and came along with balloons for the kids. Rebecca was overjoyed. Lucy tried to dramatically throw hers down at the ground. However it, being a balloon, did not smash to the floor breaking into a million pieces.

I gave it a couple more minutes, and as the fourth helpful employee approached, I released Lucy from the torture chair, and brought her up to my shoulder. She stopped crying immediately, looked around, and started giggling about something.

She won, and the degree of persistence and patience she showed frightens me.

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