Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lucy and Rebecca mini-update

Lucy's language and cognitive abilities are advancing by leaps and bounds! It's crazy what she can learn in just one day! She adds new words to her vocabulary every day.
Lucy now uses some two-word sentences. Her favourite seems to be "Where's Daddy?" (not terribly surprising given the strength of her attachment). A new one I heard today was "go there" (declaring her intentions). Sadly, I must admit that another recent one was "single ladies". I think the blame for that one must lie squarely on Rebecca's shoulders, as it is no doubt her frequent rendition of Beyoncé hits, that put that phrase on Lucy's radar.
Lucy will now also execute simple commands. She will move objects as directed. The best application for this is that we can make her put her own diaper in the garbage. It is nice that she listens to what we say - if only it lasts!
Lucy was watching me sort laundry into piles. She brought me a sock from a laundry basket and I told her it was mine. So she tried to put it on my foot.
Rebecca is starting to make use of comparisons and similes on a regular basis. They are ones of her own devising, drawn from her own experiences or books she's had read to her. The other night, when she was reluctant to go to bed, she compared herself to the train from The Little Blue Engine that Could who repeats "I cannot".
Rebecca can't seem to tell the difference between the sound of me laughing and the sound of me crying. The girls are always doing humorous things, so I repeatedly have to assure Becca that I am o.k.

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