Monday, June 22, 2009

Parenting Personal Bests

Greg doing charity bike thing
Mommy's in charge
Lucy - morning nap
Rebecca - Can I watch Diego?
Me - perfect - I can have a quick shower and wash my hair.
As I exit - noises in Lucy's room
As I enter - pee on the hardwood - clean removed diaper - poops in the crib, poop on the clothes, poops on the face, hands, railings, poops in the damn cute but smelly baby butt cheeks

So bloody tired
Lucy hasn't napped all day
Greg desperately trying to finish getting the garden in
Manage to get Lucy down
Me - distracting Rebecca doing a princess puzzle mostly by myself while she eat cheerios
Rebecca - begging to be allowed to help Daddy garden
Me - getting the thumbs up from Greg and promising Rebecca she can go provided we put some sunscreen on her
Rebecca - nagging me, then wandering off to her room
Me - opportunistically lying down on the living room rug and falling asleep
Intermittent audio/visual Rebecca in the hallway saying something to me
Me - sudden alertness - Rebecca is holding something from my room
Watermelon and mint hand lotion
Rebecca - tired of waiting for mommy, has sunscreened herself with hand lotion
Me - decide to abandon sun screen plan - put Minnie Mouse hat on Rebecca instead

1 comment:

Annie said...

Elle commence jeune Lucy à enlever sa couche! Je suis certaine que si c'était moi, je ne rirais pas, mais à te lire, j'ai un petit sourire en coin :)

Elle est quand même bonne Rebecca de se crémer... ce n'est pas la bonne crème, mais c'est un bel essai.