Friday, June 20, 2008

The blue "Cinderella" dress and Lucy the monkey

This is Rebecca's blue sundress. She wants to wear it every day. This is no doubt, due in part to the fact that she has designated it her "Cerella" dress. Sadly, my laundry skillz are such that the blue dress does not get washed every day. This means, I must resort to persuasion and creative fiction to sell Rebecca on the appeal of other items in her wardrobe. Therefore, acceptable substitue garments include the Sleeping Beauty Dress (pink), the Jasmine dress (green), the Belle dress (yellow), the Snow White dress (has a red apple on it), the Giraffe shirt, the Elephant shirt, and the Hallowe'en Spider shirt.
The monkey is a monchichi. Rebecca was initially terrified of it, but for reasons unknown, later decided she loved it. In fact, she calls it her baby, named it Lucy, and brings it everywhere (although she insists it be wrapped in a blanket that she stole from the real Lucy's room). I think this is a very good sign. That, and she tried to feed my Lucy from her sippy cup recently. Still, jealousy does rear its ugly head, especially when grandparents hold the baby. They are given "the look".

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