Wednesday, July 18, 2007


To describe it as the gift of tongues might be a bit of an exaggeration, however, Rebecca *is* perpetually talking now. The trouble is, while it's crystal clear that she is always saying *something*, I'm not always sure what it is.
The past few weeks, it's as though she is in language super-sponge mode. She's picked up several new words this week, just from having us repeat them to her. Her favourite game right now is to look at a book (or the results of a Google image search) and say "What's that?" (although not incredibly well enunciated). We tell her what "it" is. We also repeat the question back at her, asking her to identify animals and objects and body parts. New words in the past few days include "eyes", "mouse", "Elmo". There continues to be confusion with dogs - they are "woof woof woof" or "Bailey" or "kitty" but never "dog" or "doggie". Bailey is the neighbour dog.
As predicted by the doctor, Rebecca is now using two word phrases. "All gone", "all done", "what's that?" are those that have been identified.
Another fun change is the arrival of spontaneous kisses. Recently, Becca was playing in the living room with Greg while I put away her clean laundry. She suddenly stopped, and ran into the room where I was, all the while making the "MMMM" sound. She gave me a big kiss, and then went back to her toys. It is very sweet.
We are still having problems with high-high-pitched screams of joy when she's excited. It's ear shattering fun, and we continue to use the strategy recommended by experienced friends - stating immediately that she should not scream, but not making such a big deal of it that she realizes it can become an attention getting device.

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